Another Blue Morning

by Oxford Blue

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This album was recorded and mixed by Simon Larochette at The Sugar Shack.
This album was mastered by Phil Demetro at Lacquer Channel Mastering.
It was written, arranged and produced by Oxford Blue.
He also sings and plays guitar.
Ross Werlick plays guitars, banjos, and mandolins.
Sarah Riegler plays drums.
Dennis McCormack plucks the bass.
Kyle Stephens sings and plays some guitar.
Ryan Barwin plays the pedalsteel.
Dawn Redskye sings.
So does Lauren VanDixhoorn, but just on Quiet Conviction.
Patrick Dilkie plays piano on Lead Me Away
David Antonini plays electric piano on Maria.
Sean Conway plays electric guitar and mandoguitar on track Maria.
Gratia Leach plays Trumpet on Maria.

Special Thanks to:
All the people who played on the record.
Simon Larochette, Winston, and AJ at The Sugar Shack.
Emily Keiffer for always catching my photogenic side & Phil Bond for the textures.
Daniel Cooper at Homebase PR.
Last but not least my always supportive family.
This album is dedicated to the memory of Kyle Manns.


released October 9, 2015


all rights reserved



Oxford Blue Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Another Blue Morning
its another blue morning
on the southern side of town
power lines are above me
feels like they’re all coming down

its another blue morning
it’s all coming back around
theres a standoff for some petty change
can you hear that shooting sound

I got no change in my pocket
no mat on the door
see that home I once lived in
but I can’t anymore

its another blue morning
my hands are tied and bound
they threw me back in the drunk tank
all i could do was ramble anyhow
Track Name: Where Am I Going To Sleep?
I came home last night, to such an awful sight
my things were packed neatly by the door
when I asked my lady why, she looked at me and cried
I dont think I love you anymore

I dont want to live in this house with you no more
I dont want to give my love to you no more, no more

well I left in such a fright, had no plans for the night
where am I going to sleep
I’ll just take up on the street, I’ll lie there and I’ll weep
my darlin don’t love me anymore

she don’t want to live in this house with me no more
she don’t want to give me her love no more, no more

well I stopped by her new place, to see how things had changed
theres a new man in her life
hes much stronger than me, her sure husband to be
I guess I should walk right from their door

I don’t want to live in this town with them no more
I don’t want to pay no mind to them no more, no more
Track Name: Maria
I would cross the desert sun
for sweet maria
she’s so kind
but she has so many men
I wish I could be all them
she would be mine

she sings the sweetest lullabies
and i’m so inclined to stay by her side
oh sweet maria

I would live a thousand lives
to be just by her side, for one
but she has just the best of luck
and she’ll be sent back up
before our time

she sings the sweetest lullabies
and i’m so inclined to die by her side
oh sweet maria
Track Name: Lead Me Away
honey please take my hand
and lead me away in vain
it’s been far too long
i’ve been roamin out here on these plains
singing the same lonesome tune
I once heard on that old barstool
rickety I swayed like the wind
I was acting like I was a fool
but i’ll be damned if I fall, a second time
once bitten twice shy

it’s been too many times i’ve sat idly by
and let my heart waltz away / go astray
but now I can see, that honey it’s me
and I just don’t feel the same

darlin I dropped the ball
please send me off on my way
we haven’t been workin’ at all
that’s why I’m leavin you here today
to walk on unstable ground
I’ve done it before in my life
tenderly I will move on
because I couldn’t make you my wife
Track Name: Quiet Conviction
you play a cheap guitar, and your hair it is long
theres a quiet conviction in your country song
so you croon, you croon, you croon
but your heart, still it weeps
how many secrets can one man keep

and you often play to no one, but you don’t really seem to mind
when you’re singing your sorrows theres a new hope you’ll find

and you start anew every day, but it always seems to fade
back to where you left it but you didn’t mean it that way
so you move, you move, you move
but your mind still it keeps
how many dreams will haunt you in your sleep

and you often move so slowly but you don’t really seem to mind
when you’re ringing on that bell, there’s a new love you’ll find

so you take your love by the hand, and you lead her away
back to when you loved her but that was another day
so you swoon, you swoon, you swoon
but your flame still it fades
how many heartaches can one man take

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